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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The library has several new books that have been added to the collection.

Fish is a first novel for author L. S. Matthews. Tiger and her family thought they had more time to leave. They knew the soldiers were coming but there were last minute details that needed to be taken care of. As relief workers, they felt an obligation to stay as long as they could. But then the soldiers came and they are forced to flee on foot with the help of a local guide. Facing treacherous mud flats, wild animals, steep trails and fearing soldiers who would kill them, Tiger and her family set off on a journey of survival. Before they leave, Tiger spots a fish in a puddle that is quickly drying out. She doesn't know why, but she knows that she must bring the fish with them. Join the family as they face incredible obstacles on their trek to freedom.

For humor please check out popular author Richard Peck's latest book, Here Lies the Librarian. Full of unique characters like Pee Wee and his older brother Jake. Jake dreams of being an auto mechanic in his small hometown in Indiana during the mid-twentieth century. Who would guess a librarian whose car breaks down would change their lives.

For Brian Jacques lovers, his new book Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns will not disappoint lovers of horror and suspense.

Swimming Upstream, Middle School Poems, by Kristine O'Connell George will enjoy these poems that bring real middle school emotions and problems to the reader.

Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Numoz Ryan is a moving story of a family and how they adjust to changes. Naomi and her family are in turmoil. She is shy, has to wear polyester clothes that her grandmother sews, and has no talent other than carving soap. Nothing seems right anymore. Naomi’s mother returns after a seven-year absence and wants to reclaim Naomi and her brother. Naomi’s grandmother is determined to keep this from happening so the family quickly travels to Mexico to introduce Naomi to her relatives and to give her a feeling of family. When she meets her father, she understands why her grandmother tried so hard to teach her to be proud of herself.

Finally, students who live on farms and even those who do not will love Catherine Murdock's book Dairy Queen. DJ sometimes feels just like the cows she tends to every day. The cows just do what they are supposed to do and never question their lives. And DJ is not so different. With her older brothers away at college and her father unable to do the farm work, DJ takes on the responsibility of doing the work. She has no plans for college herself since there is no money to send her. But this summer may hold some surprises. The quarterback for the rival school's team is sent to help out on the farm to get into shape. Even though it is a rocky start to their relationship, Brian soon realizes that DJ knows football. And DJ has the knowledge to train Brian and help him win a football scholarship. But can a farm girl really help someone like Brian?

Come to the library and look for a good book!

Keane, Nancy. Booktalks.


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